3 classrooms and 3 areas for rest and sleeping, all with large bay windows with direct access to the outdoor play area.

Babies 0 - 1 year-olds
Room for rest and sleeping
A peaceful bedroom with comfortable cots for babies.
Playing room
A pleasant room just for babies. Colours, toys, mirrors, music, comfortable carpets. Everything is designed to stimulate tiny babies when they are awake and to develop their imagination and motivity.
Nursery area
To ensure the babies stay clean and fresh throughout the day.
Sterilised and heated bottle feeds provided as required.
1 - 2 year-olds class
Playing room
A large, carpeted room, with wall protection and fully equipped to promote the children’s psycho-motricity and to help them with their first steps in complete safety.Reading corner, manual activities, malleable plastic toys, toys, dressing up clothes - everything to develop children’s imagination.
Sleeping room
A peaceful and comfortable room for a well-earned sleep!
Nursery area
To ensure our small children stay clean and fresh throughout the day.
2 - 3 year-olds class
A large classroom.
Each activity has its own special area.
Imagination area
Everything is done to enable the children to play at imitating grown-up life - in the kitchen, at the doctor’s, at the hairdressers, at the garage, and so on…
Reading area
Children’s library with a very large choice of books for them all to read.
Sensory activities
Cubes, puzzles, cards… the children can build and manipulate and embark on a discovery of numbers and colours, shapes and letters.
Artistic activities
Painting, drawing, stickers, modelling clay - individual creativity for each child.
IT area
Learning to control a mouse…

This class has toilets and washbasins so that we can gradually bid farewell to our friends the nappies!

At lunch time, everyone can enjoy a tasty meal in our lovely dining room.

A private rest area is for the sole use of the 2 - 3 year-olds to have a restorative sleep or to enjoy watching a new DVD.