Our educational programme

The three main objectives of this programme are:

  • Autonomy and identity
  • Social life
  • Languages and communication

In order to achieve these objectives, we offer the children a large number of varied activities. Above all, however, we respect the personality and rhythm of each child.


Foreign languages
All the activities are offered to the children in English and in Spanish which are used alternately. French is introduced through singing. The three nationalities are represented by all the educational staff at 1, 2, 3…! Members of staff are English, Spanish or French.
Music is valued very highly at 1, 2, 3…! We sing contines (musical rhymes) in English, Spanish and French. A special music class gives the children the opportunity to play musical instruments and to sing and dance.
Birthdays and special days
A child’s birthday is a very important event in his or her life. That is why we celebrate every child’s birthday properly at 1, 2, 3…!. We also celebrate Carnival, Halloween, Christmas… and organise many little shows - clowns, magicians, make-up workshops, and so on…
1, 2, 3…! is a small organisation where children feel as secure as if they were at home. Each month parents are invited to participate in different workshops with their children - gardening, cooking… very special moments, for both children and parents, and a way to share their experiences, discoveries and pleasures, and for parents and educators to offer the best to our children.
So that we can be in permanent contact with the families we use a daily diary. At the end of each term, each family will receive a overall progress report about their child.